set "router" to "AP Mode". sh. # multi SSID with VLAN script, for ASUS AC86U with merlin. The main Lan can access IoT but the IoT can't access the main Lan. From what I can gather is that the asus merlin firmware does not support Vlans.

Merlin vlan gui

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1/ (or your router management IP address) in your web browser.

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7 GHz AC2600 router based on IPQ8065 SoC and QCA9984 wifi. I'm trying myself too to separate traffic on my RT-AC68U (running Merlin 378.

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Jimmy-Z / services-start. . The configuration file name should be the parent interface plus a. H. Uncheck ports 1, 2, 3, and 4. What I hope to have: LAN and WAN to configure pfSense on my PVE; from there, I'll run my homelab behind pfSense. 可以Google一下 asuswrt merlin vlan 可以嘗試看看 merlinVLAN是走Port Based VLAN 這個在SG105E上也是支援的 我很樂意幫助你 但我手邊沒有ASUS的機器了 抱歉~.

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be/d3aYMqt-b_cWelcome back to Dev Odyssey Home Networking! In this episode I break down VLANs with a e.

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Yes in AP mode all ports are the same but for VLANs we need to choose one trunk port and by convention it's straightforward to use the WAN port, yep port 4 for robocfg on the AC56U.

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Let’s try to open that up, and enable VLANs for LAN / ethernet and for WIFI.

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